Friday, March 30, 2001

So, I glad I was right about Amy (except her telling people) because that means shes really my friend.
I feel bad though because Matt continued to ask whats wrong and Meg said she cared because she was my friend. Also, Mike asked what was wrong. To Amy and people, I'm feeling better and I promise not to make predictions about how you'll react again and just trust you because your my friends. I'm SORRY.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

I'm finally back.
I had a problem last night with some people and so today I'm really pissed at everyone and really depressed.
In class, Amy sits beside me and Candace sits on the other side of Amy. They are probably the most sentisive of my friends (also Speller) and should notice I'm acting different. (well Amy should, Candace doesn't sit close enough and Speller isn't in my class) Amy will go "are you ok?"
I'll say "no!"
A----"what's wrong?"
Me---"what/why do you care?"
A--(if I know her like I think I do) "because your my friend" (something like that)

The I'll say sorry and thanks and stop talking to her for the time being.

Later in 3rd, I'll see Matt and ignore him and he will probably act like he doesn't notice that I'm there after he realizes it.
We have to go to the library in 3rd so I'll pass by Amy, Candace, Speller, and some other people eating lunch, and if I'm right about Amy she will have told the others and they'll try to see whats wrong.

At lunch I'll just go sit there and look at the floor or something and Meg will notice. Matt will tell her I'm mad at him or something and she will eventually ask whats wrong. I'll say why do you care like I did to Amy, Meg will say she doesn't.
Then I 'll get up and yell that thats the problem and how Amy (mabey Candace and Speller, depends on what they say when I talk to them at 3rd) are the only ones who do care and then storm off.

I'll write later to say if I was right or not.

Friday, October 27, 2000

Today I've decided to change Spaz's name cuz it doesn't fit her. Her name is now Clark-e (pronounced

Anyway, I was walking through hell this morning, me being the devil and all, and I noticed Hitler sitting in the fire. The problem is, he seemed extremly happy, which I don't allow down here. So I went over and asked how he was doing and he said everything was great, which really pissed me off, so I decided to torture him. Now because its Hitler, normal torture wouldn't be good enough, so what I did was give him a gun and infinate supply of bullets and threwhim in a room full of Jewish people. He was enjoying himself at first, but then he noticed they weren't dying. You should have heard the screaming, it was like music.

Continuing from Clark-e's blog: To blog, or not to blog, that is the question, for it is nobler in the blog to blog blog blog blog blog blog. (sorry, forgot what came after blog!!!!)

It's lunch, Lum hates me alot at the moment, Noah and The Clone are being REALLY BIG BITCHES (sorryt 'bout language), and Clark-e and The Lizard Queen arn't here. I hope their not sick, and if they read this: Clark-e, Lizard Queen, I REALLY hope you feel better soon and enjoy the weekend.
I'm gonna move over to HellsRantings to write stuff now, so screw you.

P.S.--What if there was an underground world called Blog and the little green blog people lived there and their whole language was only one word, BLOG!!!!! Do you think that the blogs from Blog would go on blog and blog? Confusing? GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Hey, first blog of mine ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha, yes. Finally somewhere to vent out all the evil inside me.
I guess I don't have to kill you now Spaz (you know who you are).

So today I got to school late yet everyone was outside?? Turns out someone pulled the fire alarm, good for them!!!!!! But if I find out who did I will literially rip out their internal organs while keeping them with my evil powers and make them eat them cuz they almost stoped my getting an award. I wouldn't have complained if it happened after though, but it didn't so the schools still here and I can still burn it.
I'm scared, the Clone is keeping secrets from me and I think the seagulls are plotting revenge. I don't think they liked me running through the furenial either.
Lalalalalalalalalala, gotta split, happy burning.
(I'll get you back for beating me at cards Spaz, just you wait and see!!!)